"Katie's Love"
A Special Christmas Angel
Is watching from above
Seeing all her family
All the ones she loves...

Looking down upon them
Her halo shines so bright
Protecting them with beauty
Throughout the day and night...

Katie is an angel
Who travels near and far
Doesn't matter where you go
Her wings are where you are...

Her heart is yours forever
Her spirit dwells within
Her little halo twinkles
as each new day begins...

As Christmas now approaches
Her angel on a tree
It gleams with so much beauty
For everyone to see...

She'll never be forgotten
Her love shall always stay
Guarding all her loved ones
This is her joy each day...

Her Mommy and her Daddy
Her Sister and the rest
Will share her every blessing
With smile so very blest...

So look within a rainbow
Or maybe on a cloud
Katie will be right there
Showing love so proud...

An Angel on the outside
Always looking in
To make sure that her family
Is safe and warm within...

She twinkles like the sunshine
She sparkles like a star
Her heart is yours forever
Katie is wherever you are...
Merry Christmas
Angel Katie
Just for
(copyright)12/17/2007 by
~Francine Pucillo~
Thank You So Very Much
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We Wish You All Who Visited Our Katie
A Blessed & Wonderful
Left to Right Sarah,Greg(Daddy),Jill(Mommy), and Katie
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